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Top govt official blackmailed with private photos from lost phone, cops trace culprit to Delhi


A top government official in Surat had the shock of her life when her private photos in her mobile phone got into the hands of a youth who threatened to release them on the internet if she did not succumb to his demands for money.

The women later approached the cyber cell of the city police who nabbed the youth from Delhi.

Cyber Crime police sources said that the top-level government official who lives in Adajan area in Surat had forgotten her phone in an autorickshaw.

The phone also had several private photos of the officer. The phone was eventually recovered by one Najeem Patel a resident of Surat.

He then called up the owner (the top government official) and threatened to release her private pictures online.

He demanded money and blackmailed  her to not release the pictures online. The woman then approached the Cyber Cell. The cops with the help of technical surveillance nabbed Najeem Patel from Delhi.

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Patel originally belongs to Limbayat area in Surat.

How the woman was blackmailed

Najeem who worked as a labourer in Delhi said he used to drive an auto rickshaw in Surat. In January this year, he came across the mobile phone of the woman in his auto.

Interestingly the woman officer had not bothered about her lost phone as it was an old model and had needed constant repairs.

Najeem Patel on finding the phone recovered the memory card and threw away the phone. Two months ago Najeem found work in Delhi and moved there.

In Delhi, Najeem found the private pictures of the woman officer. He contacted her and blackmailed her for money in return for the private photos.


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