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Gujarat gets ready for a possible third wave of COVID. Here’s what it is doing…


Even as Gujarat registers a continuous drop in COVID cases, the state is preparing itself for a possible third wave, which is expected to impact children severely. It should be noted that the country and the state had been caught off guard when the second wave of COVID hit, resulting in a surge in cases and fatalities.

But this time around, the state does not want any surprises. In cities, the emphasis is being put on ensuring an adequate number of beds including oxygen and ICU beds for pediatric patients. Many of these facilities are being set up taking into consideration the fact that the possible COVID patient could be a child.

Officials at the SSG Hospital in Vadodara said children who had recovered but were still under treatment for COVID would be sent to the District Early Intervention Centres and the Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre post their recovery.

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To ensure that children are not bored during the recovery a television and several other play areas have been put up at the centre to keep them occupied.

In Rajkot, a separate facility is being set up for critical and severe COVID cases. At present, the civil hospital in Rajkot has 15 beds for children which will be increased to 200 to deal with any potential surge in cases. Three big oxygen plants are also being constructed to ensure that oxygen demand is met in-house.

In Surat, a 100-bed facility is being set up at the Stem Cell building of Surat Civil Hospital. A task force of five pediatricians has been set up to deal with any eventuality in case of a surge in COVID among children. The task force will also guide in treating pediatric COVID cases. ICU and oxygen beds to cater to child patients have also been prepared.

In Ahmedabad Civil Hospital two wards of 40 beds each have been prepared complete with all the necessary equipment and facility. Steps have been taken to ensure that the wards have adequate staff. Fifty new ventilators have been brought specially for pediatric patients. It also has 60 ventilators for children before the new ones were bought.


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