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Textile markets to be open in Surat from May 11 onwards for a limited period: SGCCI


Trade-related activities including the textile markets in Surat will be open from May 11 onwards from 10 am to 2 pm. The Southern Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) announced the same after the district collector permitted the same. The nod came after the SGCCI office-bearers made a representation to the district collector.

The SGCCI in a release said that though they had got permission to open from May 10 onwards, since the communication reached them later they decided to do it from May 11 onwards.

The organization said that all shops and establishments that will start functioning for the limited period from Tuesday onwards will have to follow the COVID protocols.

SGCCI & lockdown

The SGCCI had in April held a virtual meeting of social and business organisations from South Gujarat to discuss the COVID situation and what can be done to prevent the spread.  The businesses were in two minds about lockdown as shutting down units will affect them but the spread of COVID will also severely impact their work as workers fall ill.

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The meeting appealed to businesses and social organisations to opt for voluntary lockdown during the weekends to help break the chain of COVID spread.

The Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) had in mid-April finally woken up to the COVID threat and called for a voluntary lockdown during weekends. Interestingly, the GCCI’s move comes after several other small business organisations and bodies called and implemented similar steps to break the COVID infection chain.

Earlier, Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani had also called for voluntary lockdown among citizens to help the state break the COVID infection chain.

GCCI represents small and big businesses across Gujarat. GCCI chief Natubhia Patel told in a release that businesses in the state should go for voluntary lockdown during the weekend to break the COVID chain.


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