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Man who molested mentally-challenged teen threatens to rape her, kill her family


A man who was scolded by a woman after he allegedly molested her mentally challenged daughter has now threatened to kill the family and rape the differently-abled teen.

Five days ago, the man allegedly took advantage of the teen, a resident of Sabarmati, and grabbed her from behind when she was alone at home. 

The teen managed to escape and told her mother about it. The mother had scolded the man. Later the man and his brother returned to the victim’s house, threatened her family, and also warned that he would rape the teen if they dared voice a protest.

A complaint has been filed with the Sabarmati Police station in this regard.

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As per a complaint by the father of the 13-year-old, his child who is mentally challenged studies in class 7 in a school for special kids. 

How the child was molested

On October 12, the man went to his shop while his wife went to visit a relative who lived in the next apartment. 

Their teen daughter was alone at home. Their neighbour Prakash took advantage of the situation and allegedly grabbed the teen from behind. 

The child shouted and escaped the groping and ran to her mother. She told the mother through gestures what had happened. The mother scolded Prakash and warned him not to repeat the incident.

Some days later, Kishore and her brother came to the teen’s house and began abusing the family. They threatened to kill them if they made any allegations against Prakash. 

They also allegedly threatened to rape the teen. Sabarmati police have filed a complaint against Prakash and his brother Dinesh. Prakash has also filed a cross-complaint against the teen’s father accusing him of hitting them.


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