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12 hrs after they had lunch together, teacher attacks his cousin & his family


A teacher in Chhota Udepur is absconding after killing a principal, who also happened to be his paternal cousin. The teacher attacked the principal of Linda Model School in Chhota Udepur with a sharp knife. 

Interestingly the accused was to get married on December 9. Both the victim and accused were residents of Ramdevnagar Society in Navsadi area of Chhota Udepur.

The teacher, Bharat Pithiya, on Friday attacked his cousin and principal of Linda Model school Merman Pithiya with a knife. Bharat also attacked his cousin’s wife and daughter grievously injuring both.

Why the teacher attacked?

As per a complaint by the victim’s wife, Bharat all of a sudden entered their house and attacked Merman with a knife. He suffered injuries on the chest, neck, and head. He also attacked Merman’s wife and his daughter both of whom were also injured.

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Sources said it is not known why Bharat attacked the principal. Both originally belonged to Selara village of Vanthali taluka in Junagadh. Bharat was to get married on December 9.

Merman had been a principal for over 5 years. Sources said 12 hours before the incident, the cousins had food together. It is not known how relations soured in a few hours that he would attack his cousin. Merman’s wife and daughter have been moved to a hospital in Bodeli.


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