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Tauktae impact: Crop affected in 5,826 ha land in 757 villages of Surat


Cyclonic storm Tauktae seems to have had a severe impact on farmers who were growing summer crops. This has been particularly true for the Surat district and the state administration has created 41 teams to survey the destruction to crops following Tauktae. The team was to submit its report in five days.

District agriculture officer NG Gamit said that survey of paddy, banana, papaya, moong, sesame, mango, and vegetable crop in 15,244 ha of land has been completed.

In all, 10 talukas and 757 villages have seen over 33% destruction which comes to corp being impacted in 5,826 ha of land in the district.

Of the 33% agricultural area that has suffered a loss, Bardoli has 86 villages with 279 ha that have been impacted.

Choryasi has 298 ha in 29 villages, Kamrej 757 ha in 59 villages, Mahuva has 405 ha in 69 villages and Mandvi has 408 ha in 133 villages that have been impacted by Tauktae.

The other regions where the crop was impacted include 92 villages in Mangrol, 99 in Olpad, 46 in Palsana, 63 in Umarpada, and 81 villages in the Surat city area.

He said in all paddy crop sown in 3,375 ha of land, moong crop on 425 ha of land, sesame crop on 338 ha, groundnut sown in 31 ha, black moong in 5 ha, jowar and corn were some of the crops that were severely damaged.

1,031 villages have had banana, papaya, vegetable, and mango crop in 1,641 ha of land destroyed. This had impacted 1,779 farmers.

Tauktae impact on Gujarat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced financial assistance of Rs1000 crore for immediate relief activities in Gujarat following cyclone Tauktae.  Earlier during his visit to Gujarat following the cyclone, Modi carried out an aerial survey of Una, Diu, Jafrabad, and Mahuva.  The state has announced that it will carry out a survey of the destruction caused by Tauktae and will provide help to those affected in the form of cash doles and others as per the norms.


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