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TATA Capital recovery agent accused of hitting debtor with a bat


A recovery agent of a private company hit a debtor with a cricket bat after his recovery attempts failed.

As per a complaint registered with the th Anandnagar police station, the recovery agency of TATA Capital hit the debtor, who had got a personal loan from the company and failed to pay the interest, with a bat causing him injury.

The victim

Jagdev Kori, 40, a resident of Krushnadham Avas in Vwjalpur works in a marketing c0mpany in Shilaj. In the year 2017, he took a personal loan from TATA Capital to tide over a financial problem.

He had paid the interest on the loan for over a year. Later due to financial difficulties he could not pay the interest and Sanjay Desai, the recovery agent for TATA Capital often harassed him on the phone.

What happened

On November 23, Sanjay and an unknown person reached Kori’s residence and demanded money. He told them that he did not have the money and that he would reach a settlement with the company over the loan.

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Sanjay began abusing him and soon took a bat and hit him. His wife and son tried to save Kori, who fell from the stairs and got himself injured. Anandnagar police have registered a case against Sanjay Desai of TATA Capital and two others.


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