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Inquiry ordered after Surat police accused of seeking bribe from shopkeeper in fake watch case


The Surat Police has ordered an inquiry into the raid on a shop where duplicate wristwatches of popular brands were being sold. It is alleged that the Mahidarpura police station officials, part of Surat Police, who carried out the raid demanded money from the shopkeeper to let him go.

On December 12, the Mahidarpura Police raided the Sana Time Shop at around 7.30 pm and the cops recovered 2,075 duplicate wristwatches of popular brands worth Rs61 lakh. Now, as allegations have surfaced about the cops’ conduct during the raid the ACP has been asked to investigate the matter.

The allegations against Surat police

Shopkeeper Irfan Memon whose shop was raided said that the Mahidarpura cops asked him to stand in a corner while the raid was on. They asked his employees to show some watches. They then filled the two bags with watches and the entire raid was over in 20 minutes.

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He said the bags were sent to the police station and he and his son were called there as well. He said he was sent to a lock-up and after some time the cops threatened to charge him under the PASA.

They also promised to let him go if he compromised and after a talk with his relatives the cops demanded Rs12 lakh in return for letting him walk free. Eventually, Memon negotiated a deal for Rs8 lakh.

Sources said the total wrist watches seized from the shop were higher than what was shown in the official records and that the cops had already accepted Rs8.5 lakh from the shopkeeper.

It is alleged that the CCTV footage of the raid and everything was deleted but the same was caught in the CCTV of a neighbouring store.

Surat police Joint Commissioner of Police PL Mal has asked ACP BM Vasava to inquire into the allegations.
Vasva said an inquiry is on and they have taken the statement of the shopkeeper and appropriate action will also be taken based on the outcome of the investigation.