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Surat reports 29 mucormycosis deaths so far


Gujarat which is seeing a drop in COVID cases over the last few days continues to battle the surge in mucormycosis cases. Also known as black fungus, the case is being reported in patients who have recovered or suffered from COVID. Surat is no exception. On Monday Surat Civil Hospital reported four new cases of the disease.

What is interesting is that despite being declared as a pandemic not much is known about the number of mucormycosis cases in the state, the death due to the disease, and how many people have lost an eye due to it among others. Every state agency is giving different figures.

SMC said the government hospitals in the city have 146 patients under treatment for mucormycosis while private hospitals have 130. Thus in all 276 patients are under treatment in the city.
But data collected from government hospitals show that Surat has over 1000 patients under treatment, media reports said. Those in the know said Surat Civil Hospital alone has seen 20 cases every day.

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SMC officials told media that the discrepancy in the number is because while almost all COVID hospitals have mucormycosis patients, the city only considers those who are from Surat in its counting. Patients from outside the city who are getting treated in the city are not considered.

Surat civil hospital ENT professor Dr. Anand Chaudhary said that on Monday 13 patients were operated for mucormycosis and one patient was lost to the disease.

Surat Civil Hospital has so far seen 18 deaths due to the disease while SMIMER hospital has seen 11 fatalities so far.

Mucormycosis in India and Gujarat

Over 11,717 cases of the rare fungal infection have been reported in the country so far. Of it, the maximum number of cases has been registered in Gujarat followed by Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.



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