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Really! Surat man slapped with a memo under Motor Vehicle Act for dangerously driving a cycle!


The Surat police are once again in news, this time for issuing a memo under the Motor Vehicle Act to a man on a bicycle. The photo of the man who was slapped with the memo and the receipt issued to him has gone viral. What has confused netizens is the fact that he was booked for dangerous driving of a bicycle.

Many are still trying to figure out how exactly do you dangerously drive a cycle?

Interestingly another thing being debated is that usually a constable has the power to issue such a memo but in this case, the Woman Lok Rakshak was the one issuing it.

The man who got the memo, Rajbahadur Yadav, was driving his bicycle on the wrong side of the road. He was nabbed by the police who then proceeded to penalize him for dangerous driving of vehicle under the Motor Vehicle Act.

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What is interesting is that the cycle does not fall under this act. The power to issue such a memo is with a constable or anyone above the rank but in this case, it was given by the WLR.

What is covered under the MV Act?

A senior IPS officer said that a cyclist can be penalized for driving on the wrong side and for dangerous driving but it can’t be done under the MV Act. He said under the act vehicles that have a motor/engine in them and work with its help are covered and cycle does not fall in the category.

Earlier the Surat police got into some controversy after pictures emerged of a farewell party being held at a farmhouse in the night for police inspector AP Salaiya. The inspector was being transferred from Siganpor in Surat.

The party happened at a time when a curfew was in place and the government had also issued strict orders stating that marriages and other functions including gatherings cannot happen during curfew timings.


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