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Senior citizen cheated of Rs5 lakh by man posing as Lokpal!


An 82-year-old resident of Ellisbridge was cheated of Rs 5 lakh by men who posed as members of the Lokpal. They promised to get the senior citizen the bonus amount and insurance policy amount that had been closed due to non-payment of premium.

They sought Rs5.29 lakh from him as charges to get the policy processed. When the senior citizen realised that something was amiss he refused to pay more money. The accused then threatened to get him booked in a case with the police and CBI. They also threatened to file a complaint with the governor of Gujarat.

The senior citizen later approached the Cyber Cell which is investigating the matter.

How the ‘Lokpal’ conned the senior citizen

Dhiraj Patel, a retired civic engineer, living at Pritamnagar society, near Gujarat College had in 2012-13 brought two life insurance policies from Reliance and HDFC.

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Patel was under the belief that it was a one-time premium policy but later on receiving the documents realised that he had to pay a premium every year as a result of which he let the policy lapse without paying the premium.

In January 2019, a man who identified himself as Askas Chopra, from the Lokpal Department. Akash asked him about his two policies and the trouble with it.

Patel told Chopra that the agent had told him that it was a one-time premium policy but later it emerged that he had to pay the premium every year as a result he let it lapse.

Chopra said that since the senior citizen was cheated by the agent he could get the company to get Patel Rs30 lakh of the insurance amount and bonus. He then asked Patel to pay various charges amounting to Rs5 lakh which was sought in the account of one Ramprasad Regar Ramkaran in Punjab Bank.

Later Chopra and his associates Tomas Thregar, Sanjeev Kapoor asked Patel for more money. When Patel refused, they threatened to file a case against him with the CBI, Police and even the Gujarat governor.

Patel complained to his daughter Kanan and son-in-law Nakul Patel. The two later inquired and found that several others had been cheated similarly. Later Patel filed a case with the Ahmedabad Crime Branch.


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