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Class 9 to 12, colleges in Gujarat to reopen from November 23


Schools and colleges in the state will reopen after Diwali from November 23 onwards. The reopening, however, will happen in a staggered way.

Class 9 to 12 will begin functioning from November 23. At the college and university level, classes will begin in a staggered way with initially only final year students allowed to attend classes.

The reopening will also be subject to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the Centre.

ITIs and Polytechnic colleges will also reopen from November 23 onwards. Medical and paramedical colleges will also start functioning although attendance is not compulsory for students.

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Schools will also have to take permission from parents to allow students in classes. Facilities of handwashing, sanitiser and social distancing will also have to be made.

The temperature of students and teachers will have to be checked with thermal guns every day.

Schools and colleges will also need to ensure that students don’t get together and violate social distancing norms. Whether primary classes will be reopened or not, the decision will be taken at a later stage.

Meanwhile, schools have said that they will take the necessary precautions but won’t be responsible for the spread of the disease.

They also said that students will not be allowed to attend school without the express written permission of students.


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