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81 prisoners in Sabarmati Central Jail test COVID positive


COVID second wave has not spared the Sabarmati Central Jail. In all 81 prisoners in the Sabarmati Central Jail have tested positive of which 5 have been admitted to hospital. Now that so many prisoners have tested positive the authorities are finally waking up to the COVID threat and are arranging for e-meet for families of prisoners instead of allowing them to come for physical meetings.

Earlier too during the first wave, several prisoners in the Sabarmati Central Jail had tested positive.

The jail has continued to have visitors mostly families of prisoners coming to meet them every day. It also had many others entering and exiting the Sabarmati Central Jail for some or other reason. Many of these visitors often travelled from other districts which put others at risk of contracting the disease.

Now the authorities have made arrangements for e-meetings. The authorities have also provided for families to telephonically meet prisoners thrice in a week and that too free of cost.

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So far 8,748 prisoners have taken advantage of the new system put in place since December 2020 last year while this year alone 4,742 prisoners have benefited from it.

COVID in Sabarmati Central Jail and other prisons

The Sabarmati Central Jail has also set up a 50-bed isolation ward within its premises, media reports said. At present 37 prisoners are under treatment there.

Reports said COVID patients were sent either to the Civil Hospital or the Samras COVID centres. Prisoners with COVID-19 symptoms who have tested negative were being put under isolation as a matter of precaution.

Jail in Rajkot has also reported 29 COVID cases among prisoners and 5 among staff. It too has set up a separate facility to quarantine infected prisoners. Those found positive are sent to Civil Hospital or isolated at the civic body’s night shelters. Three undertrials in Junagadh were also found to be COVID positive. One was shifted to the Civil Hospital after his condition deteriorated. Two prisoners have succumbed to COVID. Mass testing of prisoners will be carried out soon.


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