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Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani clarifies on fake news of son’s wedding after memes go viral….


Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani has in a tweet issued a clarification about the memes going viral about his son Rushabh’s wedding. In a tweet, he said that there was news going around that his son’s wedding is scheduled in May.

“These are baseless speculation. No such plan was in the offing nor is it being planned. These are just fake news on social media. The attention of the state government is focused only on containing the spread of COVID in Gujarat,” said Rupani in a tweet.

What were the social media memes about Rupani and his son?

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has become the subject of funny memes after the Gujarat High Court urged the state to consider three-four days of lockdown to curb the surge in COVID cases.

After the observation, it was speculated that Rupani may announce a lockdown but instead, the state only increased the curfew timing in 20 cities.

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This has led to social media being flooded by funny memes about Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani stating that the reluctance to impose a lockdown stems from the fact that his son is scheduled to get married on April 20.

“There won’t be any lockdown in the state, because I have my son’s wedding scheduled,” goes one of the memes making fun of the CM for his reluctance to impose a lockdown.

Gujarat high court on lockdown

The Gujarat High Court on Tuesday asked the Gujarat government to impose a curfew for three or four days given the unprecedented surge in COVID cases in the state this year. It also asked the state to decide on weekend curfew and observed that there was a need for lockdown in the state. It has asked the state to put an end to political meetings and large gatherings of crowds across the state.



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