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Rs8000 to Rs35cr: How a 19-year-old Raj Mehta from Ahmedabad drove to success with his e-motor company


Manok K Karia, Ahmedabad: A 19-year-old from Maninagar has helped take a company, he began with a measly Rs8,000, to be valued at Rs35 crore. Raj Mehta funded his initial venture for an e-cycle of his own with his saved pocket money and Diwali offerings that relatives gave him.

He later ventured into make e-pedal rickshaws and e-tricycles to help the differently-abled. Today his venture produces e-scooters.

Raj Mehta who got his import-export licence at the age of 17 is now at the age of 19 the youngest entrepreneur to establish a unit in the automobile industry.

How Raj Mehta ventured into biz? 

Originally from Santrampur, Mehta’s father and grandfather work as moneylenders. He came to Ahmedabad to study and stayed with his aunt in Maninagar. He studied at SGVP school in Ahmedabad which was quite far and someone had to pick and drop him every day.

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His father got him a bicycle but it took him three hours to reach school. He also had to go for tuitions and ended up becoming very tired at the end of the day. This also affected his studies.

He decided to do something so that he won’t have to peddle. Through the internet and Discovery channel, he realised that a battery operated engine could do the work for him. Since he didn’t want to ask anyone for money he used his savings from his pocket money and the funds that he got from elders during festivals to buy a motor.

He burned two motors in the process but continued to research. His friends who lived abroad also helped him and he finally found that a PCB battery circuit and motor can be used to run any vehicle.

But he lacked Rs8000 to fund the import of PCB batteries from Taiwan and Korea. He asked his father for a loan, who refused, so he approached his grandfather. His grandfather doubted the intentions and so accompanied him to the bank to send the money to the company in Korea.

He then used the foreign bought PCB circuit, battery, and motor unit to may an e-cycle, and his father Shailesh rode the first e-bicycle of his.

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With the success of his innovation, his father was on board his plans for more such vehicles.

Raj Mehta also decided to use the same for vehicles for those with disabilities as he saw that they found the tricycles difficult to use. He then began to experiment with e-tricycles and e-pedal rickshaws for rickshaw pullers.

He later decided to make e-scooters for the youth and thus be became the owner of Raj Electromotive.

What does Raj Mehta’s e-scooters offer?

Raj Mehta established his experiments and got an import licence at the age of 17. He said his company has already begun the production of the e-scooter Greta which is available in 4 models and 22 colours and weighs 75kg.

The scooter can carry a weight of 140 kg and runs with a 60-watt lithium battery with a smart turbocharger.

It takes 3 to 4 hours to get 2 units of charge and the scooter can run up to 100km in the same. It is made up of an unbreakable fiber body. The vehicle can be turned on and off with a remote and applying the brakes will kill the engine and it also has a reverse gear.

The scooter that costs between Rs57,000 to Rs87,0000 has no maintenance cost, he said and the per km expense of the scooter viz-a-viz petrol is just 15 paisa. The scooter also comes with three years of warranty.

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The scooter does not need a licence to be driven and since it does not run on fossil fuel does not need a PUC certificate either.

He said the government offers a subsidy of Rs12000 for such scooters for class 8 to third-year graduate students.
The company has outlets in Europe, Nepal, and the Indian states of UP, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh.

The accolades

Raj Mehta said Henry Ford, founder of Ford Automobiles held the record for the youngest entrepreneur to establish an automobile company. Now, the record is with him.

He admits that initially his total investments amounted to Rs50,000 and he would not have achieved all this had his grandfather not helped him with Rs8000.

He said he has investors from abroad who want to invest in his company which he claims has a valuation of $5 million (roughly Rs35 core).

But Raj Mehta says he wants to develop the company and is working on a new project which will revolutionise another sector.

Given Raj’s success, the Gandhinagar based Swarnim Start-Up University has offered to give him a Bachelor of Engineering Degree. At present, he is the third year BE student in the university and also runs his business.



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