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Rs1.10cr of gold goes missing from custom’s office in Jamnagar


Gold worth Rs1.10 crore has gone “missing” from the customs department’s office in Jamnagar, a complaint with the police said.

Cops have filed a case against unidentified staffers of the customs department, which initially carried out a four-year-long internal probe in the matter.

Jamnagar ‘B’ division police officials said the gold belonged to the Bhuj Customs division and was kept at the Jamnagar office after the 2001 earthquake. He said it was in the form of articles.

Cops said the Bhuj office got to know that 2,156.722 gram of gold worth Rs 1.10 crore was missing when it took custody of the same. An FIR was lodged after the department carried out its internal inquiry.

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The FIR says the Bhuj Customs division of Kutch in 2001 handed over 3,149.398 grams of seized gold to its Jamnagar divisional office after the former was severely damaged in the earthquake.

How the missing gold came to light

The gold articles were handed over to the Jamnagar office in 2001 in two suitcases.

After its office was repaired, the Bhuj Customs in 2016 took custody of the sealed suitcases from the Jamnagar office.

But as the keys for the same had gone missing, the locks of the suitcase were broken in the presence of officials of both the divisions.

A count revealed that of 3,149.398 gram of gold, 2,156.722 gram was missing, the complaint states.

It took a four-year-long internal inquiry for the authorities to finally suspect that theft might have taken place and they filed an FIR, media reports said.


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