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Ahmedabad Cyber Cell cop RR Mishra arrested for molestation


The Crime Branch on Thursday arrested Cyber Cell PSI RR Mishra in connection with a molestation case. A woman had filed a case of attempted molestation against two cops of the Vadaj police station in July. The cops had begun an investigation in the matter.

The woman had on July 13, 2020, filed a police complaint with the local police station accusing two police sub-inspectors of seeking sexual favours from her/molestation and trying to cover up the incident when she complained about it.

The complaint mentions Cyber Cell PSI RR Mishra and AP Parmar both of whom were stationed at Vadaj Police Station at the time of the incident. The woman, a daughter of a retired cop said her husband had gone missing and she had filed a complaint with the Vadaj police station following which the cops had called her at the station to get her statement.

She said she was later asked to come to a hotel and the cop attempted molestation and tried to force her into sex. When she protested the cop allegedly threatened to kill her son.

What is the molestation case against the cop?

The woman who works as a beautician said Mishra first called her to get her statement and then asked her to meet at one Applewood Hotel in Ashram Road as he wanted to discuss some matters with her. He then proceeded to ask sexual favours of her at the hotel, when she refused he let her go but said he would kill her son if she breathed a word about it.

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She alleged that another PSI Parmar who was asked to investigate the case after she complained about it to the commissioner officer, told her to withdraw her statement. She alleged that the second PSI Parmar told her that if she got a call from the DCP office she should say that she did want any action in the case.

The woman then filed a complaint against both cops in the Vadaj police station.

As per sources, the woman had also complained about a drunk cop at the police control room. PSI Mishra had responded to the complaint but the woman refused to file a complaint against the constable. He was later booked under the Prohibition Act. The woman’s complaint against Mishra came 10 days after the incident.


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