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Rising inflation: Congress MLAs protest with banners outside Gujarat assembly


As the budget session of the Gujarat Assembly began, Congress MLAs stood with banners denouncing the rising cost of essential items in the BJP’s rule. The MLAs stood with banners and postcards adorning their body outside the Gujarat Assembly. Gyasudding Sheikh and Imran Khedawala were among the Congress MLAs that carried out the protest.

Congress MLA from Tharad, Gulabsinh Rajput rode a bicycle to the Assembly to protest the rise in prices and overall inflation. Congress also demanded that the problem of unemployment be addressed.

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Congress has alleged that the inflation in petrol, diesel, and LPG cylinders and edible oil prices has sent the budget of citizens out of control and the BJP has been unable to rein in the prices.

Inflation and impact

In Ahmedabad Petrol costs Rs88.31 a litre while diesel was priced at 87.74 a litre. In February, the price of fuel has increased 16 times. In the first two months of 2021, the price of petrol has risen by Rs7.12 while that of Diesel has risen by Rs7.45.

The Centre charges Rs53.51 on petrol and Rs43.48 on diesel as excise duty. The VAT charged by the state government further adds to the price. Gujarat charges a VAT of 17% on petrol and diesel and a 4% cess on both.

The price of LPG cylinders has gone up by Rs100 in the last month. LPG prices have been increased thrice in February.


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