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Another religious gathering throws COVID protocol for a toss, 46 booked in Gandhinagar


Close on the heels of a religious gathering in Sanand, another event involving a religious crowd in Dehgam’s Raipur village in Gandhinagar has come to light. Needless to say, the gathering saw COVID norms being thrown to the wind.

A crowd had gathered at a religious function held in the village on May 4 which also saw a procession to the Badiyadev temple in the village. A video of the same also went viral which had the officials runnings

The video shows clearly the violation of COVID guidelines with no mask or social distancing. The local police have booked 46 people for violating the norms including the organizers of the event. The cops are also using the video footage to penalize those who attended the event without a mask.

Other religious events violating COVID norms

Twenty four people were booked for organising a religious event purportedly against COVID and violating the norms in Sanand taluka of Ahmedabad district.

The case came to light after a video went viral that showed thousands of women congregating in a village in Sanand as part of a religious event held to pray for deliverance from COVID. COVID norms and guidelines also went for a toss.

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The women had congregated at Badiyadev temple for a Jal Abhishek. Many women including the sarpanch of the village have been booked for violating COVID protocols.

The woman had gathered in Navapura and Nidharda village of Sanand Taluka of Ahmedabad district. The people were asked to offer Jal Abhishek at the temple as a vow to seek deliverance from COVID. But people gathered in large numbers violating social distancing norms.

The viral video also shows loud music being played in the background. The DJ and the organiser of the programme have also been booked by the cops.


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