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Rajasthan chief minister warns of day curfew if COVID number continues to climb


As COVID figures multiply and the death toll due to the disease crosses 2400, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has warned that the government may be forced to impose a day curfew in the state.

Currently, a night to dawn curfew is in force till December 31. But with the number of positive cases touching 2.77 lakh and on an average of 19 people dying because of the disease, the situation is a matter of concern.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that the night curfew from 8 pm to 6 am was imposed to prevent the spread of COVID.

But the non-cooperation of people in observing the protocol and violation of marriage and other social functions protocols has forced the state to adopt severe measures. 

Gehlot has said that imposing lockdown was not in the interest of the people, but as the situation has not improved despite the imposition of night curfew, the state is mulling day curfew in most affected cities.

In Jaipur a total of 448 people have died, followed by Jodhpur (248), Ajmer (183), Kota (142), and Bikaner (163). In the past 12 days, there has been a spurt in the number of deaths.

Night curfew not implemented well in Rajasthan

 In Jaipur, the night curfew has not improved COVID status in fact cases have gone up by 29% in the city. Despite night curfew people continue to violate the same despite the drop in temperatures.

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Lack of monitoring in the marketplace has resulted in people violating curfew.

 The slackness on the part of the administration and the police have made the curfew a mockery and social functions like marriages continue to violate norms. The state government has restricted the number of attendees to 100 in marriage but those too are hardly followed.

The state urban development department on Saturday issued orders that if more than 100 people were found attending a wedding, the licence of such venues should be cancelled.

Earlier the state government had said it would charge a fine of Rs 25,000 in case weddings violate guest numbers but now apart from the fine, the licence to operate the venue will also be cancelled.

The state is scheduled for panchayat elections and the civic polls later.

Large scale violations of the protocols have been reported in the election campaign as well. At least 50 MLAs and MPs have either tested positive or are under treatment for COVID. This includes several ministers.


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