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Forego 2-year property tax for companies in travel and tourism sector, GCCI tells govt


A travel and tourism task force of the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) met to discuss the issues facing those in the sector due to the COVID. The task force reiterated that the tourism sector has been hit hard for the last two years due to COVID and the resulting restrictions. It said to help the sector stand on its feet certain relaxation and steps need to be taken including offering a financial package.

In a written representation made to tourism minister Jawahar Chavda and principal secretary Mamata Verma, the GCCI asked that all registered companies with the travel and tourism sector be forgiven the property tax for the year 2021-22 and 2022-23.

It further sought minimum electricity charge or waiving off the same or charging as per actual usage from companies in this sector.

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Since the bill has already been paid for the year 2020-21 the same be given as credit to the sector. It also sought a 35% subsidy for employee salaries paid by those in the tours and travel business.

It also sought a subsidy for the payment of the salary of bus drivers and conductors of luxury buses.

Waiver of RTO tax for the two years of 2020-21 and 2021-22 for bus and taxi operators.

Relaxation in SGST for the two years and interest-free working capital for the two years for companies in the sector.

It also appealed to the government to aggressively promote tourism in the state via social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter among others.

It also called for special packages for popular tourist destinations in Gujarat and also a subsidy to promote religious tourism in Gujarat.


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