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Gujarat police’s special drive helps nab 106 absconding prisoners in 26 days


Manoj K Karia, Ahmedabad: The Gujarat police has nabbed 106 inmates and undertrials who had jumped parole/furlough or bail after being released from jail due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

DGP Ashish Bhatia had carried out a special drive to nab such prisoners who had been absconding after being released on parole. The 106 arrests were made in 26 days. 

Of the 106 inmates who were nabbed, the majority are those who have been absconding for over a decade.

Of the total such absconding prisoners who were nabbed, the highest was from Banaskantha from where 12 such prisoners were held. 44 of those who were nabbed were serving a sentence for murder.

Earlier, after the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the government to reduce crowding in jails had formed a committee to allow jail inmates and undertrials to be let out on parole/furlough or bail.

But many such inmates did not return to jail after their time came to an end while incidents of prisoners escaping from police custody also began to rise.

How police began a drive to nab prisoners

As a result, the DGP ordered a special drive to nab such inmates. The CID crime in each district began the campaign from October 8 to November 4 and in 26 days nabbed over 100 such absconding inmates.

DGP Ashish Bhatia told Gujarat Exclusive that over 1,000 such prisoners had been on the run after being temporarily released.

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“After the special drive, 106 such prisoners were nabbed. One of those who was nabbed had been absconding since 1999 while another had escaped since 2001,” said Bhatia.

During the drive, the police had particularly focused on inmates who had been serving time for serious crimes like murder, attempt to murder, disturbing peace among others. 

Most of those who were nabbed were held from Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot rural, Banaskantha, Mehsana and Porbandar.

Details of those who were nabbed

District Number of prisoners nabbed
Ahmedabad City 10
Mehsana 07
Rajkot (rural) 13
Banaskantha 12
Porbandar 06

Some interesting cases of prisoners absconding

The special task force looking for prisoners on the run arrested one Shahu alias Laliyo Dafer who had escaped police custody since 1999. Similarly, the Vadodara police nabbed Shaligram Kalal who had been absconding since 2001.

The Surat team nabbed Dayawan Patil, who had jumped his interim bail and in the meantime was involved in another murder, attempt to murder and assaulting a government servant. Manoj Tiwari who had been absconding since 2008 was also nabbed by the same team.

Of the total prisoners that were nabbed 44 were involved in murder, 9 in assault, 2 in loot cases.


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