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Another case of land grab against Popular Builders’ Raman Patel and others


One more case of land grab has been registered against Popular Builders’ Raman Patel who is among those associated with the Someshwardarshan Kheti Sahakari Mandal.

As per the complaint, Raman Patel through the Somewardarshan Sahakari Mandal got the revenue records of the land which was in the name of the complainant changed.

Thaltej resident Khodaji Thakor, 85, has filed a complaint with the Sola Police Station on Monday accusing Someshwardarshan Kheti Sahakari Mandali administrators Raman Patel, Sandeep Prajapati, Purushottam Revandas, Kanji Revandas, Prabhu Revandas, and Revandas Kahrabhai and others.

As per the complaint, Thakor has been farming on the land for several decades but as he was getting old and so decided to get a copy of the 7/12 records from the revenue department.

The records showed that his land belonged to one Someshwardarsharn Kheti Sahakari Mandali and that he was no more the owner.

The records showed that the land had been sold to Revendas’- Purshottam, Prabhu, Kanji, and Kahrabhai on September 20, 1975.

The seller was shown as Thakor. After Kahrabhai’s death, the records were transferred in the name of the other three on September 20, 1977.

How the land grab was done?

Thakor in his complaint said he did not know any of the men mentioned as owners of his land in the revenue records and that he as never signed or given his thumb impression on any papers.

On inquiring, Thakor realised that a sale agreement was registered between him and his wife on August 20, 1975, for a land. The sale deed was registered through document number 12133 and it showed the cost of land as Rs6,087.

He has alleged that the accused used that sale document and with the help of corrupt revenue officials showed the land as being sold to Reveandas’ and later the Sahakari Mandali officials.


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