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Popular Builders’ Patel brothers getting the VIP treatment at Vastrapur police station?


Popular Builders’ brothers Raman and Dasthrath Patel who have several cases of cheating and land grab lodged against them are reportedly getting the VIP treatment at the Vastrapur police station.

The buzz is that, if sources are to be believed, the two brothers who have been taken on remand at the police station, are being offered a host of facilities. 

The duo is also accused of assaulting their daughter-in-law Fizu and mentally and physically harassing her. They also have four cases of land grab lodged against them.

The two accused were in jail in connection with the Fizu assault case but the Vastrapur police had got them on transfer warrant in connection with the land grab case registered against them by one Chanchadben Brahmbhatt.

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The Vastrapur police were given remand of the duo till November 9.

The facilities for Popular Builders brothers at Vastrapur police station

If sources are to be believed the two are kept in a guest room and they are allowed to meet visitors and relatives.

Sources say their remand is no less than a ‘good stay’. Usually, those who are taken on remand are put in a lock-up but sources said the Popular Builders brothers have been put up in a guest room. 

The room among other things have a sofa for visitors and they are treated to the best food from the best hotels. Mineral water, juice and even cigarettes are allegedly offered to them. In short, sources said they are treated like VIP guests.

In all, four cases are registered against the brothers and they have been arrested in connection with two of them. A complaint in the Vastrapur police station against the brothers accuses them of grabbing an office in New York Tower given to them on rent. 

Two cases of land grab are also filed against the brothers and several others in the Sola Police station.

The special treatment given to the brothers has also brought to the notice of the top authorities.


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