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Why is PM Modi not following the mask rule? Gujarat Congress’ leader Arjun Modhwadia


The Gujarat Congress has questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not following the mask and social distancing rule during his visit to Kutch.

A video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is available on social media which Gujarat Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia retweeted questioning why the Prime Minister was without a mask.

In a tweet, Arjun Modhwadia said, “No mask, no social distancing, the rules have gone for a toss. Prime Minister Modi during his visit to Kutch in Gujarat neither wore a mask nor maintained social distancing. Are the COVID rules not applicable to the PM and BJP leaders? The rules are only for the common man.,”

The 45-second video shows the Prime Minister surrounded by a few officials. He stops at a stall selling masks and interacts with the stall owner but during the conversation, he does not have a mask.

Modi is heard asking the stall owner if the masks are sold here and he tries to give one to the PM but Modi does not take it. He is also seen inquiring about the price of a jacket.

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Modi’s Kutch visit

Modi visited Kutch on December 15 to inaugurate several mega energy projects and other development projects. He called Kutch one of the fastest developing areas which has embraced new-age technology.

The development projects that Modi inaugurated included a desalination plant, a hybrid renewable energy park, and a fully automated milk processing and packing plant.

This desalination plant, with 10 crore litre per day capacity (100 MLD), is expected to strengthen water security in Gujarat by complementing Narmada Grid, Sauni network and treated wastewater infrastructure.

The plant will supply desalinated water to nearly eight lakh people across the regions of Mundra, Lakhpat, Abdasa, and Nakhatrana talukas.

The Hybrid Renewable Energy Park near Vighakot village at Kutch in Gujarat, the country’s largest renewable energy generation park will help generate 30 GW of renewable power.


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