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Fire incidents have killed 35 in Ahmedabad in 3 years


12 people were killed in a fire in a textile factory in Piranna Pipdaj on Wednesday morning. Data shows that 35 people have succumbed to such fire incidents in the last three years in the city.

This raises the question about fire safety norms being implemented in such factories in the city. In the Pirana-Pipdaj incident too, the factory lacked a fire NOC.

In the year 2017-18, the state reported 7,330 incidents of fire. This means on an average there are 21 incidents of fire reported every day in the state. In most cases, poor implementation of fire safety norms is what resulted in the fire.

The highest number of fire incidents have been reported in Ahmedabad city. 31% of all the fire incidents in the state are reported from the state.

Losses to the tune of Rs69.20 crore were reported in the fire incidents in 2017-18 and 35 people had died in such incidents. Fire brigade rescued 96 people from the fire during the said period and Rs83.77 cr worth of infrastructure and property were saved from the fire.

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In the year 2018-19, the state reported 2,123 incidents of fire.

Pirana fire: Mayor Bijal Patel calls in ‘common incident’

Mayor Bijal Patel who expressed condolence over the fire incident in Pirana-Pipdaj got into a controversy after she called it a ‘common incident’.

The fire which was reported in the morning killed 9 people on the spot while three others had died during treatment.
Mayor Bijal Patel had tweeted about the incident. Later during a media briefing, the mayor called the incident a ‘common’ but an extremely unfortunate one.


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