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PIL in Gujarat high court seeks COVID centre duty for mask violators


A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed before the Gujarat High Court has sought that community service in COVID care centers (non-medical) be made mandatory for people who are repeatedly caught without a mask. 

The PIL by Vishwal Awtani before the Gujarat High Court said people are not taking the pandemic seriously and hence violators caught for not wearing a mask repeatedly should be asked to serve at COVID care centers for 10 to 15 days.

The PIL said that despite such offenders being fined, many still roam the city without a mask.

The Division Bench of Chief Justice Vikramnath observed that many people who were not wearing masks tested positive for COVID and were asymptomatic.

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The court had earlier suggested that the state should raise the fine for such violators who were caught in public.

The Gujarat high court has asked the state to respond to this matter on an urgent basis. The matter is kept for further hearing on December 1. The government pleader and advocate general told the court that they need some time to take instructions from the state.

Increase fines for mask violators

The PIL also sought that the fine for not wearing a mask in public be increased to Rs2000 in the four major cities of Gujarat including Ahmedabad. The fine, the PIL said, should be increased to Rs 1000 for other places in Gujarat.

The court cited that asking violators to perform community service at COVID centres (non-medical) may get people to wear a mask in public in the time of the pandemic. 

Gujarat has recorded more than 2 lakh COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began. Death toll in the state has also crossed 3900.


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