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PIL in Gujarat HC challenges use of AMC garden as parking for detained vehicles


Aaquib Chhipa, Ahmedabad: A PIL filed before the Gujarat High Court has sought removal of encroachment from a public garden managed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC).

The PIL said the garden was being encroached for use as a traffic chowki and a parking space for detained vehicles.
Advocate Devdeep Brahmbhatt through petitioner Munaf Memon filed a PIL submitting that the Madhubagh Garden near Sarangpur water tank was being used as a parking space by the traffic police and some anti-social elements.

The PIL states that the Ahmedabad traffic police broke the wall of the garden to place two big containers as well as to park detained vehicles in the garden.

It is further alleged that Ahmedabad city traffic police has considerably damaged the garden. The PIL said the garden covers an area of 8,094 sq.mts.

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As more and more trees get chopped to make way for buildings and widening of roads, there is a need to maintain public gardens.

It also said that garbage was being dumped in the public garden which is affecting the health of people. If steps are not taken then the situation will deteriorate further, the PIL said.

Representation about garden went unheeded

The PIL said that despite making a representation to AMC on August 24 of this year about the removal of encroachment or plantation of trees in the garden no action was taken.

The PIL said that all information presented in the petition was gathered under the Right to Information(RTI).


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