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PIL in Gujarat high court seeks ban on kite flying for Uttarayan 2021


A PIL filed before the Gujarat High Court has sought prohibition on kite flying in all cities and talukas of Gujarat during the upcoming Uttarayan 2021.

The PIL has sought prohibition and sale of kites and threads as it leads to large gatherings during Uttarayan. It further said a complete ban should be imposed on gatherings at one place from January 9 to 17.

The PIL further said people also gather to get the kite threads coated with glass from street vendors.

The PIL filed by Maulik Mankad submitted before the court that enforcement of police patrolling and drone surveillance is required during Uttaryana to enforce COVID safety guidelines including masks, social distancing among others.

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It also seeks direction from the court to impose a ban on gatherings of more than 4 people at one place, whether it is on the terrace, footpath, or on-road, for kite flying.

Argument against Uttarayan

It warned that vendors of kites and threads can become superspreaders of COVID-19 in the present situation.

The PIL added that medical and paramedical staff are working hard to battle COVID for the last nine months. The unrestricted celebration will further add to the workload of medical and paramedical staff.

Uttarayan falls on January 14 and 15 which is a Thursday and Friday respectively. This, coupled with the weekend will see people eager to extend the celebration. Gujarat saw a spike in COVID cases post-Diwali and it is only now coming under control.

Earlier the state government decided to cancel the annual International Kite Festival that is held every year in Gujarat during Uttarayan.


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