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Gujarat to set up oxygen plants at 348 community health centres in the state, says Kishor Kanani


The Gujarat government has decided to set up more oxygen plants to ensure that there is no shortage of the same for patients and hospitals. All the 348 community health centres in Gujarat will have an oxygen plant and work for the same has already begun, Kishor Kanani, minister of state for health, said.

He said the government was duty-bound to help those in need of help during COVID and the state had been taking several important decisions in this direction.

He said during the first wave Gujarat needed 150 MT of oxygen but now it has reached 1150 TN in the second wave. He said the government had been successful in addressing the oxygen demand in the state and that it was now preparing for the third wave that is predicted to hit the country soon.

He added that the state has also purchased additional 175 ambulances to add to the 108 fleets to address the surge in demand that may come during the third wave.

Kanani said the state has also brought over 7 lakh of Remdesivir injections in a month.

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Oxygen situation in India

Earlier in May the Supreme Court had formed a 12-member National Task Force to look into the availability and distribution of medical oxygen on a rational basis across the country. A two-judge bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and MR Shah also spoke to the members of the task force.

“The rationale for constituting a Task Force at a national level is to facilitate public health response to the pandemic based on scientific and specialized domain knowledge. We expect leading experts in the country shall associate with the Task Force, as members and resource persons,” the court said in its final order.

The court said the force will help formulate scientific strategies to deal with the crisis. The task force’s reports were to be submitted to the centre and the court.


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