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68% of oxygen & ICU beds in COVID facilities now vacant in Ahmedabad

  • In all, 68% of oxygen and ICU beds are vacant while 32% are occupied

The percentage of vacant oxygen and ICU beds in COVID facilities in Ahmedabad is on the rise. The number of vacant beds in the category is higher than that of occupied.

On Tuesday the percentage of vacant beds was 68% of the total such beds. Only 32% of such beds in the category as of now remain occupied. 2,886 beds in the category remain occupied while 6,211 are vacant.

AMC-run SVP Hospital has 167 such vacant beds while LG has 137, Shardaben has 100 and VS has 111 vacant beds in the category. Of the 175 designated COVID hospitals in the city, 3,275 beds are vacant while 237 nursing homes have 1,076 vacant beds.

The six civil hospitals have 1305 vacant beds in the category while ESIC hospitals have 40 beds. The city in all has 9,097 ICU and oxygen beds of which 2,886 are occupied while 6,211 are vacant.

Bed availability and COVID in Gujarat

Gujarat registered 3,187 new infections per day in the last 24 hours. In all, 9,305 patients were discharged during the same period. Forty-five deaths due to the disease were recorded in the last 24 hours in the state.

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COVID in Gujarat decreases number of vacant beds on the rise

Ahmedabad and Surat Municipal Corporations recorded eight and two deaths each while three and one deaths each were recorded in municipal corporations of Vadodara and Rajkot respectively.

The state at present has 68,971 active cases of which 648 are on ventilators. So far, the state has discharged 7,13,065 patients while the fatality stands at 9,621.

Ahmedabad recorded the highest number of per day cases with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation alone recording 459 cases. This was the fourth time since the second COVID wave began that the AMC limits saw less than 1000 cases. Surat Municipal Corporation registered 181 COVID cases. Surat district also recorded 86 cases.


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