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Over 9k people fined Rs97 lakh in Ahmedabad in 5 days for mask violation


In the last five days, Ahmedabad Police nabbed 9,773 people for not wearing a mask in public and fined them a collective Rs 97.73 lakh. Most of those who were caught for violating the mask rule were from West Ahmedabad.

The city police have got strict about imposing the mask rule in public after the city saw a surge in COVID-19 cases post-Diwali.

In the last 250 days, 21.40 lakh people have been nabbed without a mask and a collective fine of Rs93.56 crore has been recovered from them.

In all 33,407 Epidemic Act violations have been registered in which 42,228 people have been arrested.

4.92 lakh vehicles were detained for violating the lockdown and curfew norms since the COVID pandemic began.

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Mask fine was increased to ensure compliance

In a bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure that people did not step out in public without a mask, the Gujarat government had on August 10 increased the fine for not wearing a mask in public places to Rs1,000 from the earlier Rs500.

The decision came after the Gujarat High Court asked the state to fine a minimum fine of Rs1,000 from those found without masks in public places.

Earlier the fine for it was Rs200 which was increased to Rs 500 before benign jacked up to Rs1000.

The high court’s direction came after the state government informed the court that hiking the fine for not wearing a mask to Rs500 had led to a significant decrease in the number of people who violated the rule.

The Supreme Court on December 3 granted a stay on a Gujarat High Court order directing the state to come up with a notification to send repeated mask violators for non-medical duty at COVID care centres.


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