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Per day COVID cases are over 5000, but only 382 ICU + oxygen beds available within AMC limits as of now


As cases surge in Ahmedabad, only 382 beds with oxygen and ICU are available as of now in the city across all COVID hospitals- private and government. As per a release from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), the only AMC hospital that has vacant ICU+ oxygen beds is LG Hospital which has eight vacant beds.

170 private hospitals that are designated for COVID and have in all 4,756 ICU+Oxygen beds have 243 vacant beds. Private nursing homes have 72 vacant beds in the category.

Civil Hospitals, which in all have 2,497 such beds have only 59 vacant beds. This vacancy is the combined total of all Civil Hospitals and not just one. SVP Hospital, VS Hospital, and Shardaben Hospital have no vacant beds in the ICU+Oxygen category.

The AMC has appealed that given the extremely low number of ICU+Oxygen beds citizens should avoid going out to reduce the risk of contracting the disease.

AMC vaccination drive

The AMC on Thursday vaccinated 25, 276 people against COVID. This includes healthcare workers, frontline workers, and those above 45 years and those above 60 years. 2,976 frontline workers and 1,076 healthcare workers were vaccinated in the last 24 hours. 8625 senior citizens (those above 60 years of age) and 12,599 citizens above the age of 45 and with co-morbidities got vaccinated.

The AMC has also added 11 more sites as micro containment zones. The total number of such zones in the city is 298. It also removed 33 more such zones from the list. The department is also carrying out door-to-door surveys and is taking samples of those who may be suspect cases.

The AMC had on April 28 announced that it was withdrawing its earlier decision to allow COVID patient admissions only if they come in a 108 ambulance. From April 29, hospitals both private and government will be required to admit COVID patients even if they are ferried in a private vehicle.


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