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One dead in accident between Duster and Innova near Gota


A deadly accident between an Innova car and a Duster near SG Highway left one person dead. The injured have been shifted to a nearby hospital.

As per reports, the Innova car had been coming from the Zydus side of SG Highway and was climbing the Gota bridge when the Duster crashed head-on into it at 5.30 pm.

As per reports, the driver of the Duster car lost control of the vehicle and hit a street light pole. So powerful was the impact of the hit that the pole was broken and the car then went on to hit the Innova car.

While the driver of the Innova escaped with minor injuries, the driver of the Duster car and other passengers were severely injured.

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One of the passengers in the Duster car was thrown from the seat of the car and hit the ground succumbing to his injuries on the spot.

Another accident

Meanwhile, in another incident, an accident between a luxury bus and a rickshaw was reported on the highway Chhatral and Nandasan. Three people were killed in the incident. The driver of the luxury bus escaped from the spot. Police are now tracing the absconding driver. The incident had led to a traffic jam for a brief period on the highway.


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