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NGO issues legal notice to save animals from sacrifice at ‘Matajina Mandva’ in Surendranagar


A legal notice has been issued by the Animal Welfare Foundation to the Director General of Police (DGP), secretary, home department, and others to stop the illegal sacrifice of animals at the temple of Ranagadh in Surendranagar during the ‘Matajina Mandva’.

Animal Welfare Foundation, a trust that works for animals through their advocate Nisarg Shah said that during the ‘Matajino Mandvo’ held every year between January 28 to January 30, 2021, many goats are sacrificed at the temple in Ranagadh in Surendranagar.

What the trust said about the sacrifice?

The trust wanted that authorities should issue circulars or resolutions/orders to ensure that no animals are sacrificed during the religious celebration.

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The legal notice further sought that sufficient police be deployed to prevent individuals from sacrificing animals. It said if animals are brought to the temple precinct for the sacrifice they should be rescued.

It said the Gujarat Animals and Birds Sacrifices (Prohibition) Act, 1972 has been specifically enacted to ensure that animals and birds are not sacrificed as a ritual in temples or their precincts, the notice said.

Earlier the High Court of Himachal Pradesh had held that sacrifice causes immense pain and suffering to innocent animals. The innocent animals cannot be permitted to be sacrificed to appease the God/deity in a barbaric manner.


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