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Lover murders businessman in Delhi, stuffs his chopped body in suitcase, dumps it in Bharuch


A murder committed in Delhi has shocked police in Gujarat as the alleged culprits carried the body in two suitcases to dispose of it in Bharcuh, a site several kilometres from the actual scene of the crime.

The Delhi businessman was allegedly murdered by his lover, her mother and her future husband. The trio after allegedly killing the businessman put his body in a suitcase and brought it in a train and threw it while it was passing through Bharuch in Gujarat to dispose of it.

The cops, however, managed to nab all the accused.

How the murder took place

Investigations revealed that Delhi-based businessman Neeraj, who was married, was in love with one Faizal, an employee of his. The two had been in a relationship for over a decade and wanted to get married.

Faizal’s family was against the relationship and got her engaged to one Zubair. Faizal later called her lover Neeraj to her home to discuss their relationship. There Neeraj had a heated altercation with Faizal’s mother Shaheen Naaz and her fiance Zubair.

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In a fight of anger, Zubair attacked Neeraj with a brick and also stabbed him with a knife. Neeraj died on the spot.

How the body was dumped after the murder

Police said Zubair who worked in the railway pantry first cut Neeraj’s body into several pieces and stuffed it in a suitcase. He then boarded the Rajdhani Express heading towards Goa. When the train reached Bharuch, he threw the suitcase from the running train.

On November 14, Neeraj’s wife filed a missing complaint with the police. When police began an investigation into the missing complaints, Neeraj’s family told them about his affair with Faizal.

Police questioned Faizal and her family and they eventually confessed to killing Neeraj.

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