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What led a double post-graduate and pregnant daughter-in-law to kill her mother-in-law?


What forced a woman who was expecting a child to smash her mother-in-law’s head with an iron rod and kill her?

Police have got some shocking details of the case in which a daughter-in-law beat her mother-in-law to death.
Interestingly, the accused is highly educated and holds two post-graduate degrees.

Nikita alias Nayra Agarwal who confessed to killing her mother-in-law Rekha told the Sola Police that they would often clash over small issues.

What Nikita said about her mother-in-law?

Nikita said that her mother had some psychological problems and was obsessed with cleanliness and was extremely conservative. The victim would go and a bath even if someone touched her accidentally or if a stranger visited their house. She would also prevent Nikita from going out or talking to anyone.

Her father-in-law Ramniwas Agrawal was under treatment for COVID-19 at Life Care Hospital. On the day of the murder, Nikita’s husband Deepak had gone out for his business and Nikita and her mother-in-law Rekha were alone at home.

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Rekha had earlier on several occasions said that the child in Nikita’s womb was not that of her son Deepak. On Tuesday a fight ensued on the matter again and this time Rekha hit her daughter-in-law with an iron road and the latter tried to defend herself.

Nikita said that in the fight her mother-in-law fell and she got hold of the iron rod. An angry Nikita then hit Rekha on the head several times, killing her. Nikita told the cops that she was tired of the constant fights and harassment that her mother in law hurled at her.

Nikita had married Deepak 10 months ago and was living with her in-laws at Satyamev Vista in Gota.

What happened on the day of the murder?

Deepak runs a marble and stone business. On Tuesday, Deepak got a call from his father while he was out that his mother and wife were fighting.

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When Deepak called his wife, Nikita told him she had a fight and that his mother hit her and now she was in her room. When Deepak reached the house no one opened the door and when he called Nikita she told him that the lock to her door was jammed and she was not able to open it.

Deepak then broke the window of a balcony and gained access to his house where he found his mother dead on the floor and blood everywhere. Her body was also partially burned.

When Deepak questioned his wife about his mother she said she had not killed her. Deepak then called the police. Nikita later told the cops that she had hit her mother-in-law. She also sustained burn injuries on her hand while trying to burn her mother-in-law’s body.

Sola police inspector JP Jadeja said that Nikita has confessed to killing her mother-in-law Rekah as the latter often said that Nikita was pregnant with someone else’s child.

Later Rekha attacked Nikita and she retaliated and killed her mother-in-law. She also tried to burn her body but was burned instead, Jadeja said.


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