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As demand rises, patients in Gujarat struggle to get injections to treat mucormycosis


As more people go on ventilator and oxygen support in the second wave of COVID, Gujarat is also battling a surge in mucormycosis infection. This has also resulted in a surge in demand for injection to treat the disease and many patients are struggling to find it.

The kin of many patients who are undergoing treatment for mucormycosis is struggling to access the injections required to treat the condition.

Amphotericin-B injections are used to treat the condition and each injection costs up to Rs7000 and depending on the severity of the condition the cost of treatment may go up.

The number of cases is on the rise in Saurashtra with many patients coming to Rajkot to get treated. A 250-bed ward dedicated to mucormycosis has been set up in the city.

The Gujarat government has ordered 5,000 Amphotericin-B injections worth Rs 3.12 crore for the treatment of patients.

Mucormycosis in Gujarat

Gujarat has been reporting several instances of COVID patients developing a fungal infection – mucormycosis. Known as black fungus, the disease is fatal for those who are transplant patients, in ICU, and have poor immunity.

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Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad alone has reported 67 such patients in the last 20 days. Earlier, AIIMS chief Dr Randeep Guleria had said that a high dosage of some drugs used for COVID which was not justified was lowering the immunity of patients making them vulnerable to secondary infections.

The state has also set up separate wards for the treatment of the disease in all civil hospitals, especially in Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar Rajkot, Surat, and Vadodara. Many patients have reportedly lost their eye sight due to the fungal infection.


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