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Mucormycosis surge: Injections can be availed from Civil Hospital, here’s what you need to do…


As Mucormycosis cases surge, the Gujarat government has said that Amphotericin B (Lyophilised) injections can be availed from the Civil Hospital in the city. The state said the government has provided a facility to ensure that the injection is distributed to those in need from the Civil Hospital. 

The state also announced a helpline number 6357365462 to get details about the distribution of the same. Gujarat is among the state that has seen a surge in mucormycosis cases and has been facing a shortage of the Amphotericin B injections needed for the same.

Patients under treatment at private hospitals can also get the medicine from Civil Hospital provided they follow the prescribed format and procedure to access the same.

How can patients access mucormycosis injections?

Patients under treatment at a private hospital need to gee the hospital to send an email to [email protected] in the prescribed format.

The email should provide 

• A scanned copy of self-attested C-Form 

• Details of the patient and his case including doctor’s prescription and history of the patient’s cases

• Patient’s aadhar card

• Reports showing detection of mucormycosis

• Recommendation of the doctor treating the patient

• Name of the in-charge of the hospital and phone number of the person

Emails and data that come from an individual or official id of the hospital will only be considered. Documents sent from other ids will not be considered.

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The email and the case details will be verified by a team of doctors from the ENT, Ophthalmology, and Medicine department of Civil Hospital and then the Amphotericin B injections for the hospital will be released. An email about the same will also be sent to the hospital seeking the injections.

Such a hospital will need to send their official with a photo ID between 3 to 5 pm to collect the same from the Amphotericin B distribution centre, OPD building at Civil Hospital in Asarwa.

Private hospitals will have to pay the predetermined rate for Amphotericin B(Lyophilised) injections either online or through cash at the cash counter of the Civil Hospital.


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