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Mucormycosis injection shortage: AMC gets mere 1200 injections from the state every 5 days


As Ahmedabad records a surge in Mucormycosis cases, the city is seeing a shortage of injections that are needed to treat the disease.

The state has allotted the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) just 1200 Amphotericin-B injections which can only cater to the civic body’s needs for just five days. The civic body is seeing a demand of 250 injections per day. It should be noted that a patient under treatment usually needs 60 injections.

Shortage of medicines is being reported in private hospitals of Ahmedabad too where patients are under treatment.

The LG Hospital has around 45 to 50 cases of mucormycosis patients under treatment. If the AMC does not get the required number of doses in the coming days patients admitted even in the AMC-run hospitals may struggle to access the medicines. Sources in the know said if demand from private hospitals was to be taken into consideration the city alone required 11,000 to 12,0000 injections per day.

Mucormycosis in Gujarat

Eight major government hospitals in Gujarat have over 1100 Mucormycosis cases even as shortage of the life-saving drug Amphotericin-B (in liposomal form) continues. Also known as black fungus, the number of surgeries related to the disease has also gone up.

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Earlier, the state had told the Gujarat High Court that it has placed orders for 1.24 lakh vials of Amphotericin B in both liposomal and lyophilised form for Rs15 crore. The lyophilised form of the medicine is known to cause renal toxicity and hence is not suitable for those with co-morbid conditions.

The Rajkot civil hospital has alone reported 400 Mucormycosis patients under treatment and is also planning a 24/7 surgery schedule to cope with the demand. A special ward has already been set up in Rajkot for such patients and similar facilities have come up at other government-run hospitals as cases surge.

Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad at present has seven wards catering to Mucormycosis patients. The hospital also has over 200 cases of infection. Vadodara has around 120 cases. It is believed that Gujarat has among the highest infections due to the disease in the country.


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