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Mother allegedly drowns two kids in Sihor, Bhavnagar

  • Kids were allegedly drowned in a pond of a temple, husband files complaint against wife
  • Mother took the kids with her saying they had to go to the temple

A mother allegedly drowned her two sons in a pond near the famous Khodiyar temple in Sihor in Bhavnagar. It is still not known why the mother decided to kill her two sons.

As per the complaint, the father Ajay Makwana is a diamond worker and lives in a rented house near the Railway station in Sihor.

He had been married to Sunita for twelve years and had a daughter named Drushti, 9, and son Dharmik, six. As per the complaint, he left for his work on Tuesday and his wife and children were at home.

He said at around 4 pm he got a call from his wife stating that she was taking the kids to the Khodiyar temple in Rajpara. She then disconnected the call. At around 7.30 he got a missed call from his wife and when he called her back a man answered the phone and asked him to come to Rajpara urgently as his wife had drowned his two children.

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The villagers found Sunita sitting on the bank of the river but the children were missing. Later police reached the spot and divers fished out the bodies and rushed the children to the hospital where they were declared brought dead.

Ajay has alleged that the couple often had fights and their relationship had soured in the last seven months and it is likely that his wife drowned the kids.

Other drownings in Bhavnagar

In November last year, two people drowned while three others were rescued after a boat capsized in a lake in Virpur village in Bhavnagar district. In all, five people were travelling in the boat when it capsized.

The victims were in the boat to cross over to the other side. It was not known what led to the boat turning turtle but it capsized suddenly while the five were in the middle of the lake.

Earlier too, a similar incident was recorded in Sihor close to Bhavnagar city. Three people including a mother-son had drowned in that incident. In that a mother and her two children died. The woman rushed to save her son who was drowning and her young daughter waded in to save her brother and mother and all three died.


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