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Monolith, seen around the world, appears in a park in Ahmedabad


A metallic sculpture believed to be the ‘monolith’ that was spotted at various locations across the world was seen in a park in Ahmedabad.

The monolith was reported from the Symphony Forest Park in Thaltej and is similar to the ones found in various locations across the world. The three-sided structure has a shiny metal surface.

This one, however, has some numbers on it although it is not known what it represents. The structure created a buzz among residents about who must have put it there but an Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) official was quoted by the local media as saying that they are aware of the monolith in the park.

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The official said that it was put up by the company that had a PPP arrangement with the civic body to develop and maintain the park.

The park was inaugurated three months ago and is close to the Sindhu Bhavan Road.

About the monoliths

The monoliths have created a buzz across the world for appearing and disappearing randomly. It was first reported from a canyon in Utah and was mounted in rocks and was spotted on November 18 by local officials counting bighorn sheep from the air. One was also reported atop a mountain in Atascadero, California. Then similar structures were reported from over 30 countries including France, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

Needless to say, the structures have given rise to several theories with some calling them random work of ‘art’ while others think it is the work of science fiction aficionados.


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