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Mask fine: Video of cop hitting woman emerges, suspended


A video of a Navrangpura police’s mobile van constable hitting a woman whose friend was roughed up over a mask violation fine has emerged. The incident happened at HL College Road.

In the video, the youth who is being forcefully put in the jeep is heard shouting that he will pay the fine but he is still roughed up. After a video of the incident emerged Constable Vikramsinh Ishwarsinh, who hit a woman after she questioned his actions, has been suspended.

Sources in the police said clashes with commuters over mask rule will only increase as the cops have allegedly been given a target to collect a certain number of memos for mask violation.

DCP Zone-1 Dr. Ravindra Patel has ordered a probe into the incident. The probe has been given to B division ACP LB Jhala.

Vikramsinh, a head constable, was part of Navrangpura Police inspector RJ Chudasma’s mobile van operations and was on duty at HL College Road.

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What was the fight over mask rule

They found the youth without a mask and asked him to pay. The youth began to argue with the cops and they allegedly roughed him up and put him in the mobile van. A woman, who was with him shouted at the police asking them why they were forcing him when the constable Vikramsinh slapped the woman twice.

The entire incident was captured in a video and went viral on social media. In the video, the youth is heard saying that he is willing to pay the fine but the police still manhandled him

Zone 1 DCP Dr. Ravindra Patel said he is aware of the video and that such actions on the part of cops cannot be tolerated.

He said the constable has been suspended and an inquiry has been ordered into the incident.

It should be noted that many instances of clashes with police over the mask fine have been reported in the city. There are allegations that cops are acting in high handed ways to implement the mask rule. Mask violators are charged Rs1000.


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