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Are efforts on to get Manjula Shroff’s DPS East, involved in the Nithyanand controversy, to function again?


The buzz in the power corridors is that efforts are on behind the scenes to get the Manjula Shroff run DPS School in Hathijan up and running again.

The DPS School in Hathijan, of which Manjula Shroff is the CEO, was shut down after several irregularities were found in the running of the school in the wake of the Nithyanand controversy.

The Education Department had earlier requested the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to cancel the affiliation of DPS East after finding gross violations and suspected forgery of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) which was submitted to the board.

The CBSE later withdrew the affiliation given to DPS Hathijan School. 

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Status of case against DPS East and Majula Shroff

Later a case was filed against DPS East CEO Manjula Shroff and trustee Hiten Vasant. Both are out on interim bail.

The Ahmedabad rural police interestingly has not appealed against the interim bail despite three months of it bail being granted.

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The question doing the rounds is whether police decided to be lenient with Manjula Shroff and not appeal the bail granted to trustees of DPS.

The way the case is progressing, it seems it will be sometime before the wheels of justice will move.

Earlier Nitayanand’s devotees Pranpriya and Priyatatva had appealed to the high court to allow them to stay outside Gujarat up to December 31, an appeal which was not opposed by the state.

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Who is working behind the scenes for DPS East?

Sources in the know said a small-time builder from Saurashtra has taken up the cudgels on behalf of DPS East.

The builder, who is purportedly associated with the Somnath Trust, has been sending feelers to both the media in Ahmedabad and the Sachivalay to get a favourable decision so that DPS East can be allowed to function.

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The builder is also allegedly closely associated with a top Gujarat BJP leader. If sources are to be believed the education department is willing to go soft on the entire issue but is afraid of the media backlash.

Nithyanand operated his Ashram on land rented within the school’s premises. A couple from Bangalore had accused the godman of kidnapping their children and forcefully keeping them in the Ashram.


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