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Surat man arrested for fake donation drive for Ram Temple


A man in Surat has been arrested for cheating people by soliciting donations for the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) nabbed the youth who was collecting donations in the name of Ram Temple without being associated with the donation drive.

Amit Pande, who originally belongs to Uttar Pradesh, is a resident of Kapodara in Surat and works as a fruit vendor. He came to know of the donation drive for the Ram Temple for which anyone can donate. He allegedly set up a table in Kapodra seeking donations for the Ram Temple and even offered receipts for the donations made.

VHP worker Kamlesh Kayda got to know about the person’s donation drive and got suspicious. He reached the palace to check it out.

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Kamlesh had been given the responsibility of collecting donations for the Ram Temple in the area and he told cops he was yet to begin it. In the meantime, Pande had set up a table at Kapodara on Uttarayan and was soliciting donations for the temple.

When questioned, Pande could not give a satisfactory reply and a case was filed against him with the Surat Police.

The Ramjanm Bhumi Trust and the VHP have planned a massive two-month long donation drive to collect funds for the Ram Temple and plans to reach 13 crore families in the country.

The plan is to get a donation of Rs10, Rs100, or Rs1000 from each person. The receipt will have a picture of the Ram Temple under construction. Those who give Rs2000 and more will get a different receipt.


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