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Intern doctors in Gujarat on strike, demand hike in stipend


Intern doctors in Gujarat are on strike to demand a hike in stipend. The intern doctors are demanding that their stipend be hiked from the present Rs13,000 per month to Rs20,000 given the surge in inflation.

Around 2,000 intern doctors working in government, GMERS, and Municipal Colleges are on strike demanding a hike in stipends.

The interns are demanding that the hiked stipend of Rs20,000 should be effective from April 2020.

The intern doctors have asked the health department to address their concerns by December 14. They said that interns in Mumbai get Rs39,000 per month while it was Rs30,000 in Kerala and that interns who are frontline warriors against COVID in Gujarat should at least get Rs20,000 per month.

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Other doctors strike during COVID

Resident doctors at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (SVP Hospital), one of the prominent COVID care centres in Ahmedabad, stayed away from work on Thursday morning. They were protesting the rise in infection among doctors, workload and ruckus over admitting patients at the hospital.

The strike was allegedly wrapped up after the intervention of the management and senior doctors. The management claimed that the work at the hospitals continues as usual and the flash strike had not affected the functioning.

Earlier too, at the peak of COVID-19 cases in Ahmedabad, the contract staff at the hospital had gone on a flash strike. The staff were protesting the 30% pay cut that the contract company had made in their salaries citing COVID-19.

The staff had argued that they were not even given adequate PPE kits and were asked to work in dangerous conditions and now their salary had been cut.

The management had then promised a hike for staff who was on COVID-19 duty and also issued a notice to the contract company.


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