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Mahila police station inspector held for extortion through honey traps


A woman police inspector of a Mahila Police Station was nabbed in connection with a honey trap case. The woman cop’s arrest comes after four people were nabbed in a case in which businessmen were targeted for extortion through honeytrap.

It is suspected that the extorted money may have also made its way to higher officials in the police department. The Crime Branch nabbed Gita Pathan and is investigating how many people were victims of the extortion and honey trap.

Earlier Jitendra Modi, Bipin Parmar, and Unnati Rajput were held for targeting businessmen through honey traps. The trio would target businessmen through friendship and then file a false application with the Mahila police station against them under POCSO and for rape.

How the honey trap was laid

They would then negotiate with the businessmen to withdraw the case. The men would Unnati and one another woman Jinal to befriend the businessmen. They would call them to meet at a hotel or some isolated place. The next day they would file a complaint against the businessmen with the Mahila police station. They would then be called to the police station where they would be encouraged to reach a compromise which often involved paying off the complainant.

It later emerged that the police inspector of Mahila police station Gita Pathan was also involved in the scam and that she was instrumental in negotiating the deals.

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It is suspected that other cops may also have been involved in similar cases. It is suspected that many gangs operating in Sardarnagar use similar tactics with the help of cops from various police stations.

Gita Pathan reportedly told the cops that she would call the accused traders and tell them that they would be booked for rape and POCSO and that a compromise would be their best option.

She has reportedly so far extorted Rs26.55 lakh from various victims and the money, sources said, was also shared with other cops.

It is suspected that a top cop whose name had emerged in the Shweta Jadeja case is also suspected to be involved in this. Shweta Jadjea was the police inspector of a Mahila Police station who was accused of extorting money from a rape accused by threatening to book him under POCSO.


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