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IITGN holds Joy of Engineering session for students of 150 engineering colleges from Kerala


The Centre for Creative Learning (CCL) at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) recently conducted two online sessions on “The Joy of Engineering” for first-year students of about 150 engineering colleges affiliated with the APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.

The training held on November 30 and December 2, 2020, was part of the induction training of the fresh engineering batch of the University.

The hands-on sessions focused on algorithmic and critical thinking, problem-solving, and an exploratory approach towards engineering education. 

The topics discussed during the sessions included understanding and simulating an enigma machine from scratch, computationally figuring out the direction of a bicycle by just looking at the tracks, the real definition of a machine, the sum of triangles on mosambi, cylinder and circle comparison, Archimedes story, combinatorics, and some of the engaging hands-on activities, among others.

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The sessions have had over 70 thousand views so far.

What participants said about engineering programme at IITGN

Prof Manish Jain, Associate Teaching Professor, IITGN said it was a wonderful experience to interact with 65,000 students from the state of Kerala. 

“The online learning has given this unique opportunity to connect with students and professors from across the country. In these three hours, we have tried to share what engineering can and should be all about,” Jain said.

Akshay RS, a student of Government Engineering College, Trivandrum, said he was quite baffled to know the scope and possibilities of engineering from the session’s activities. 

“It was truly an eye-opener. How you enjoy what you teach is really inspiring. Thank you for the amazing session,” he said.


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