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Ahmedabad Hospital Association warns of COVID surge if norms are not strictly implemented


The Ahmedabad Hospital and Nursing Home Association (AHNHA) has written a letter to Chief Minister Vijay Rupani urging the government to strictly impose the mask and social distancing rules. The letter has also sought that the vaccination drive is intensified given the surge in COVID cases in the city and the state.

The letter said that hospitalization due to COVID was on the rise and Maharashtra and Kerala have also reported a surge in COVID cases. The organization sought immediate steps to ensure that there is no alarming rise in COVID cases in the state.

What AHNHA said about COVID in state

It warned that citizens in the state were not taking seriously the mask rule and it needs to be strictly implemented. It said the people were under the impression that COVID is a thing of the past and are attending events and functions without following norms.

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It warned that the next few days will be critical and how strictly the state implements COVID norms will decide which way the COVID trend will go.

It further said speeding up the vaccination drive will help cover as many people as possible and this will have a positive economic impact too as it will allow for better mobility of people.

It warned that the gains made by the state in its fight against COVID will be lost if it continues to be lax.

COVID in Gujarat

Gujarat recorded 315 new COVID cases in the last 24 hours and one fatality. The COVID death was reported from the AMC limits. Ahmedabad city recorded 70 new cases while the district had two cases. This is the highest number of cases recorded in more than 22 days.


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