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Gulberg Society victim who lost 10 family members in riots joins AIMIM


Aaquib Chhipa, Ahmedabad: A victim of the Gulberg society massacre, who lost 10 family members in the violence on February 28, 2002, joined Assaduddin Owaisi’s-led AIMIM in Ahmedabad. He was also the key prosecution witness in the Gulberg Society riots case.

Talking to Gujarat Exclusive, Imtiyaz Khan Pathan said he joined the AIMIM as he finds Assaduddin Owaisi to be a well-educated man. He said Owaisi speaks openly on several issues which Congress does not talk about.

“I am not satisfied with the way Congress dealt with Gulberg riots victims,” Pathan said.

On February 7, 2020, Assaduddin Owaisi in his speech in Ahmedabad said he had visited Gujarat during the 2002 riots with a team of 25 doctors at Shahalam relief camp. He also said that he had provided medical help to the victims of violent clashes in 2006 over the demolition of a dargah in Vadodara.

Pathan further said he wanted the bail of the accused in the Gulbarg Society riots case cancelled. He alleged that many accused are out on bail. Between 2002 and 2014 when UPA was in power, they did not do much to support the victims.

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“I had campaigned for our society members and ex-Congress MP Ehsaan Jafri who was killed in the riots of 2002,” he said.

The Gulberg Society massacre

Remembering the incident of February 28, 2002, Imtiayaz Pathan said he was in Bungalow no. 18 of Gulberg Society when assailants attacked them and killed 10 of his family members.

“I have seen mass murder, rape of women. Bodies of several people have not been found till now. I had buried burnt remains of several residents of Gulberg Society with my own hands,” Pathan said.

Almost 68 people including former Congress MP Ehsaan Jafri were killed on February 28, 2002, after a mob attacked the Gulberg Society in the Chamanpura area of Ahmedabad.


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